• Well-equipped fully air conditioned professional studio set-up, separate cabins, standard musical instruments, and UPS Power Back up.
  • Well-trained staff to guide you personally at every stage of your training program.
  • Very interesting reflex methods to give you one-to-one, systematic and scientific training through printed lessons, live demonstrations, theory lectures and performance trials. These trials are conducted for the analytical study in music as well as for better understanding to develop confidence in overall performance.
  • Training through the "Verbal Reading method" which enables you to follow, appreciate, play and read music very easily. "Staff Notation Systems" is taught in Theory of Music classes only.
  • Admission is open to all. There is no qualification limit and no prior knowledge of music is essential.
  • Institute provides the instruments to the students while training.
  • You can join from any day of any month. Each batch is for the period of 45 minutes, allotted as per the convenience of the student and availability of vacancies in the Institute.
    In short anybody can learn music!
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