• There are two types of Reflex actions
    • Natural Reflexes : These Reflexes give you mother tongue, knowledge of colors, tastes, smells, fragrances etc. This includes the art of appreciation of music, even singing to some extent.
    • Adopted or Developed Reflexes : These reflexes give you art of swimming, cycling, foreign languages etc. Musical instrument playing appears in this category. The problems that you face while you learn to cycle, are more or less similar to learn a Musical Instrument!
  • There is a difference between 'Involvement' and 'Concentration'. Involvement is spontaneous which you experience in watching Dramas, T.V., Movies, reading Novel etc., where as, preparing for examinations, studying text books, requires Concentration. The results of Concentration are short lived to some extent where as the impacts of Involvement are more or less permanent.
  • There are two types of 'Arts'
    • Non Performing Arts : Painting, Photography , writing poems etc. are the arts, where artist can do them all alone and exhibit later on. Here live performance is not needed.
    • Performing Arts : Music is an Active Art, needs to have performance confidence.
      A musician or a singer must possess the courage to demonstrate live, without loosing confidence. The Institute of Modern Music takes care to develop performing Art.

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